The Music

How it Works:
I have over 500 records in 78 RPM format to play at events. I generally play a mix of Hot Jazz, Cocktail Music and Love Songs/Ballads, unless you want me to play a themed event, such as a Hawaiian or a Christmas party.

Cocktail Music
Upbeat, happy, and played at a volume that you and guests can converse and enjoy themselves.
Ted Lewis and his Band – “Glad Rag Doll/When The Curtain Comes Down.”
Saxo Sextette – “All Blues Melody/Policy King March.” 1917.
Duke Ellington, “Main Stem/Johnny Come Lately.” 1942.

Hot Jazz
Danceable, upbeat, and a very charming genre of jazz. Check out Red Hot Jazz for more examples of this type of music.
The Six Black Diamonds, “Susie, Oh Susie, Why Don’t You Marry Me?” 1921.
Original Dixieland Jazz Band, “At the Jazz Band Ball.”
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra, “Oriental Fox Trot.”
Original Memphis Five, “Lovey Come Back.”

Love Songs & Ballads

Cliff Edwards, aka Ukulele Ike –
Listen to more Cliff Edwards here.

Perfect for First Dances
Edith Piaf, “La Vie En Rose.
Eddie Cantor, “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.” 1925.
Johnny Marvin, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” 1929.


Western Swing

Christmas & Seasonal Songs


If you have a special request for your event:
it is possible to find a particular song on 78 RPM record format. In the past, brides have ordered records on ebay or other online sites for me to play at their wedding. Contact me for more details, I can assist you in the ordering process.